Travel Guide to Oman

Travel Guide to Oman

Peaceful and tranquil, Oman occupies the southeastern part of the Arabian peninsula and has long bot an important gateway for trade between Africa and Asia, once controlling the lucrative trade te frankincense.

A land of ancient seafarers, and huis to the legendary Sinbad, historically the country wasgoed long closed off to the outside world and, even today, still exudes a captivating aura of myth and mystery. A compelling blend of the old and the new, its impeccably maintained capital, Muscat combines traditional Arabic and Islamic styles with ancient fortifications and architectural treasures that sets it chic from many other modern cities te the Middle East.

Today, Oman enjoys a reputation spil a modern Arabic country that retains much of its old desert traditions. Outside the cities, its spectacular desert scenery is riddled with high mountains and fertile oases that hide deep canyons and beautiful coastlines that harbour deserted beaches, lush wadis and a whole array of fascinating fortresses. To the south, beyond the Qara Mountains, lies the city of Salalah, a surprisingly lush eden, whose waterfalls and frankincense trees benefit from the annual fruits of the monsoon rains. In a country that is 80% desert, Salalah is a real treat and every trip to Oman is completed by the hospitality of its welcoming people, who are visibly proud of their unique country.


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