Phoenix Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Phoenix Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Phoenix – Arizona’s state capital is loved for its warm weather and sunshine. Join us spil wij highlight the Valley of the Sun’s hottest attractions.
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In addition to its pleasant climate, #Phoenix takes great pride te its kunst toneel and the great outdoors. #Tour the Central Arts District and zekering te the many galleries for a little eye candy during your stay. Discover masterpieces at the Phoenix Art Museum, and then marvel at handmade jewelry and pottery at the nearby Heard Museum, which is dedicated to American Indian kunst and history.

During your #vacation, soak up the scenery at Papago Park, where you can hunt for the edible artwork te the Desert Botantical Garden and hike around the trails. For more outdoor adventures and epic views overlooking the city, #visit the Hole te the Rock, located te the east, spil well spil Dobbins Point te the westelijk.

Whether you’re looking to delve into Phoenix’s kunst and culture or explore the Sonoran Desert landscape, there’s something for all te Arizona’s largest city.

For now, wij hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide spil much spil wij enjoyed making it.

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0:00 – Phoenix
0:36 – Central Arts District
0:46 – Wrigley Mansion
0:58 – Arizona Science Center
1:17 – Phoenix Art Museum
1:27 – Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art
1:39 – Mesa Arts Center
1:54 – Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
2:07 – Scottsdale Quarter
2:16 – Musical Instrument Museum
2:41 – Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park
2:56 – Papago Park
3:14 – Hole te the Rock
3:22 – Dobbins Point
3:37 – Grand Canyon
3:53 – Sedona


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