Jerusalem Israel Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Israel Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Jerusalem

In this Jerusalem travel guide wij voorstelling you around the old city and surrounding areas then head overheen to Bethlehem in Palestine. Some of the areas wij highlight in this visitors guide of Jerusalem include the City of David, the Christian Quarter, Jewish Quarter and more. More areas like Mount of Olives, Dome of the Rock, the Muslim Quarter and Mt Zion. We also voorstelling you around Jerusalem at night. This Jerusalem travel tour wasgoed produced in September 2022. Hope you enjoy thesis Jerusalem travel tips! There is so many things to do in Jerusalem if you love history!

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Jerusalem Israel Travel Guide
00:00 Intro
1:18 Jaffa Gate
1:54 Trying Zata Bread
2:20 Gate of the Holy Sepulcher
3:03 Station 13
5:30 Best time to visit and Temperature
6:10 The weeping wall
7:33 Jewish quarter
8:10 Byzantine road
8:45 Old cisterns
9:38 Interesting Facts
10:08 Muslim quarter
11:19 Birthplace of the Virgin Mary
12:16 Mount of Olives
13:49 Bethlehem
14:36 Church of Bethlehem
15:43 Site of the nativity
17:24 Food
18:47 City of David
20:56 Tunnel of Hezekiah
21:56 Zion Gate
22:56 King David’s Tomb
23:36 Night stroll

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